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 If you want to not emit light, you need to solve the leakage current or induced current of the LED circuit. You need to completely break the live wire. The distance between the line connected to the LED and the live line is far away, and there will be no induced current. In addition, the quality of the driver of the LED lamp is better, the switch must not only break the fire line, the leakage current of the switch is also small, and the wall of the wire can not be wet.
Because the LED lamp is very sensitive to current, the weak leakage current or induced current is enough to make it shimmer, especially in the dark night, but this current is extremely weak, the brightness is very dark, and the LED life is not What impact, the consumption of small electrodes. It can also be used as a night light.
If the distance between the circuit connected to the live line and the circuit of the LED is too close, the current will be obtained by the space electromagnetic field induction even if it is not connected, so the wiring needs attention. No low quality LED drivers and fixtures are required.
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